Who is F2?

We are a boutique web agency that focuses on personalized consultation, website development and client education.

It all started when…

F2 is the product a pair of "Franks", father and son, who have penchant for technology and solving problems. Circa 2005 we fixed computers and built websites, some for ourselves, others for small businesses.  Though mostly considered a hobby project, we affectionately called our father-son business ventures "F2," because it just makes sense, and I have the math to prove it.

The Math

Frank + Frank = F2

I am the son in this equation.

F2 Web Services

In 2015, following several years at start ups and web agencies,  I was positioned to start a business of my own.  I wanted the name to continue and F2 Web Services was selected to reduce ambiguity.

Photo by MarkGabrenya/iStock / Getty Images

A Culture of Pragmatism

During my formative years I witnessed website agencies sell cookie-cutter website packages to clients that didn't understand what they were paying for, often not what they needed.

My goal with F2 is to provide my clients with a service that is totally personalized and implemented with common sense so that clients know the full spectrum of what we're doing and, most importantly, why we're doing it.