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About F2 Web Services

We are a boutique web agency that offers personalized consultation, web development, and digital marketing services.

Our Approach to Digital Marketing is About Efficiency and Practicality

At F2 Web Services, we firmly believe in the mantra “less is more” and encourage our clients to focus on what works and conserve resources by eliminating what doesn’t. Through this methodology, we help our clients craft a strategy that is accessible and easy for them to maintain.

It all started when…

F2 began as the product of a pair of “Franks”, my father and I, who have a penchant for technology and solving problems. Circa 2005 we fixed computers and built websites for online and local small businesses.  Though mostly considered a hobby project, we affectionately called our father-son business ventures “F2,” because it just makes sense, and I have the math to prove it:

Frank + Frank = F2

In 2015, following several years with marketing agencies and start-ups,  I was positioned to start a business of my own.  I wanted the name to continue and F2 Web Services was selected to reduce ambiguity.  My father instilled in me a strong sense of integrity, pragmatism and common sense and that is the culture that I share with my clients, big and small. 

Our Values

F2 has developed a culture of simplicity and pragmatism that we extend to our clients.


We believe in keeping things simple, straightforward and easily understood.


We keep things practical and use what works.  One size doesn’t fit all, so we’ll help you develop a strategy that makes sense for your business.

Common Sense

We focus on what’s working and eliminate needlessly spent resources.

What We Do Best

SEO-Friendly Web Hosting

Search Engine Optimization

Copywriting and Content Strategy

Social Media Management

Training and Support

Audience and Competitor Analytics

Web Development

Automatic Email Marketing

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